PVC conveyor belt field joints conveyor belt door joints

- May 09, 2019-

XINBEX provides PVC conveyor belt field joint service, that is, door joint service. Conveyor belt joints are divided into: hot melt joints, mechanical joints, and cold joints.

Conveyor belt hot-melt joints use professional joint machines, which are heated by high temperature to dissolve the surface of the conveyor belt together to form a circular seamless joint. This joint is the most firm, beautiful and flat. The disadvantages are: replacement, disassembly, and troublesome installation. .

Conveyor belt mechanical joint: belt buckle joint, put belt buckle on both sides of the conveyor belt, the middle is connected by steel wire, easy to install and disassemble. The disadvantage is that the flatness and firmness are relatively close to the hot melt.

Conveyor belt cold joint: glue joint, layered on both sides, lap joint, bonded by special glue, it is relatively convenient to replace, but the firmness is relatively poor, only temporary connection effect.

After combining the above advantages and disadvantages, our company provides the conveyor belt on-site joint service, transports the joint machine and other equipment to the customer's production line, and carries out the hot-melt joint to help the customer adjust the accuracy and ensure the best running state of the conveyor belt. Due to the troubles of the door on the machine, the distance and other reasons, it is often used in neighboring cities such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Welcome to inquire about the price and information of the on-site joint of the conveyor belt.

PVC conveyor belt field joints conveyor belt door joints