PU round belt application in the food industry

- Apr 15, 2019-

With the different production areas of the materials produced by various food industry enterprises and the requirements for use in production operations and the development and expansion of equipment, the production environment of each production enterprise is also different, so the design of each component of the food belt conveyor is not the same.

         In order to be able to adapt to the production environment, some can adapt to the high temperature environment, some have strong anti-wear ability, and what kind of belt conveyor parts are selected is the factor that determines the working conditions under which the conveyor can operate. one.


The O-belt is a polyurethane round belt, also called a round belt. It is usually made of PU material or rubber material. However, the same rubber has different specifications and performance due to different manufacturing processes.

         The surface finish of the O-belt is better, and the color is bright and varied. The O type has two kinds of smooth and rough surfaces, and the colors are red and green.


The PU round belt has extremely high softness. Its characteristics are not only resistant to bending and tensile strength, but also resistant to oil, abrasion and chemical corrosion. It is easy to clean and can be welded quickly. The joint after welding is firm and durable. Breaking, disengaging and elongation. The surface is slightly rough, but the particles are even and neat, and the hand feels soft and comfortable, so the scope of application is wider.

         O-belt also has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable transmission, low noise, easy to replace and so on. It is widely used in light industry such as food, medicine and beverage.


At the same time, the O-belt can be used for a long time in the harsh external environment. It not only has good damping performance, but also can improve the strength of mechanical operation, and the material has a high rebound rate, and the dimensional stability of the round belt is also good. Resistant to a variety of solvents and ozone, UV and so on.

         The O-band is a rigid band-binding gene and a flexible spacer gene. It is a round ribbon with liquid crystal properties in the melt state. It has good mechanical, thermal stability, high elasticity, high elongation and processing properties.