Precautions for the deviation of PVC conveyor belts and Teflon conveyor belts!

- May 22, 2019-

First, the precautions for the deviation of PVC conveyor belt

     1. Improve the installation quality of PVC conveyor belts;

     2. Improve the quality of PVC conveyor belt joints;


3. Strengthen inspection and maintenance of inspections;

     4, to ensure that the loading is not biased;

     5. Ensure that the cleaning device is normal.

     Second, Teflon grid conveyor belt deviation adjustment method

     1. Automatic drag roller adjustment: When the mesh belt has a small deviation range, the centering roller can be installed at the conveyor belt.


2. Appropriate tension adjustment: When the conveyor belt runs away from left to right, the direction is not regular, indicating that the conveyor belt is too loose, and the tensioning device can be properly adjusted to eliminate the deviation.

     3. One-side vertical roller adjustment: The mesh belt always runs to one side, and several vertical rollers can be installed in the range to reset the tape.

     4. Adjust the roller to adjust the deviation: Teflon mesh belt runs off at the roller, check whether the roller is abnormal or swaying, adjust the drum to the horiz


5. Correct the adjustment of the conveyor belt joint: the conveyor belt always runs in one direction, and the maximum deviation is at the joint. It can correct the conveyor belt joint and the conveyor belt center line to eliminate the deviation.

     6, the height of the drag roller adjustment: Teflon mesh belt running direction, the distance is certain, can be in the opposite direction of the opposite side of the high drag roller to eliminate the deviation.

     7. Adjust the adjustment of the drag roller: the conveyor belt has a certain deviation direction. Check that the middle line of the drag roller is not perpendicular to the center line of the conveyor belt, and the drag roller can be adjusted to eliminate the deviation.


8. Eliminate the appendages: The mesh belt will not change its deviation point. If it is found that there are sticking objects on the rollers and rollers, it is necessary to eliminate the deviation after cleaning.

     9, correction feed deviation: the belt with light load is not biased, heavy load deviation, can adjust the weight and position of the feed to eliminate the deviation.