Pipeline running speed design and adjustment

- Apr 28, 2019-

Operating speed is an important part of the design of production line equipment. It involves the operating efficiency of the production line in use and how to maintain the production rhythm of the entire production line. The control of the running speed affects the production efficiency of the enterprise to a certain extent. So, what kind of range is the pipeline operating speed reasonable?

       The running speed of the assembly line can be simply understood as the time when the production line transports the product from the A station to the B station. However, during this time, the staff of the B station needs to complete the relevant processing of the products in the hands, and transport them to the next station through the production line to continue the operation. If the pipeline equipment runs too fast, it will result in a backlog of the product at the B station and the processing quality that affects the station. If the equipment is running too slowly, the continuity of the production will be affected, which will reduce the efficiency of the entire production line. Therefore, the speed of the equipment is very important for the production and processing of the product.

In the design process of the pipeline equipment, the running speed is generally set. But the speed is not fixed, but is within a certain adjustable range. Among them, the common speed setting of the conveying pipeline is adjustable from 1-5 m/min, and the space conveying line is adjustable at 0.5-5 m/min. The design of the running speed is set according to the production data and requirements provided by the customer. At the same time, considering the improvement of production proficiency in the later stage, the running speed of the production line needs to be improved, and the speed setting will be within a reasonable range. .