Oat bar production line

- May 20, 2019-

Oatmeal stick is a kind of meal replacement that is easy to absorb and transform energy. It is very popular. The granola bar production machinery mainly consists of a mixing zone, a shaping zone, a slitting zone and a finished zone.

First, the mixing area


Mix oats, fructose, nuts, etc. in a certain ratio and stir in the mixing area.

Second, shaping area


The stirred oats are crushed and flattened by a shaping drum, and the materials are fed or cut in an irregular place at the right time.

Third, the cutting area


The shaped oats are cut into corresponding sizes by a blade.

Fourth, the finished product area


The cut oatmeal sticks are layered and dried for convenient packaging.

Oatmeal stick line, the whole process uses food grade conveyor belt to transport oatmeal, ensuring the safety, non-toxic and tasteless oat bar, the surface of the conveyor belt is not sticky oatmeal, convenient for processing and storage.