Necessary conditions for conveyor belt design selection

- Jul 18, 2019-

With the increasing number of complicated working conditions, the design and selection of the important components of the conveying equipment is particularly important. The correctness of the selection is directly related to the use effect of the conveyor belt, the use time, the difficulty of replacement, and so on. Today I want to tell you about the necessary conditions for the design of the conveyor belt:

1, mechanical type

Confirm the type of use of the conveyor belt, the basic design, and the purpose achieved by the conveyor;

Hoist conveyor belt

2, transmission power

The transmission power is preferably the actual load applied to the conveyor belt, but the rated power of the prime mover is generally used;

3, the degree of load change (size, speed)

When you need to use the brakes and reverse rotation, you need to consult the company;

4, one day running time

Conveyor belt usage frequency, duration of use;

5, the speed of the small pulley

Belt conveyor

6, speed ratio

Speed ratio = large pulley / small pulley

7, tentative axis spacing

8, pulley diameter limit

9, special use environment

Whether it is used in high temperature, low temperature, water, oil, garbage, acid, alkali and other environments.

Note: Under low speed and high torque conditions, it is recommended to design according to high torque.

Pipeline conveyor belt