Must the color of the food conveyor belt be white?

- Apr 13, 2019-


Food grade conveyor belts are not required to be white. The food conveyor belt is made of non-toxic materials, non-toxic, odor-free, smooth surface, suitable for transporting food and food materials.

The main material of the non-toxic food conveyor belt is PU type. Because PVC, polyethylene, etc. contain harmful components, it is now used in the food industry for PU-type conveyor belts. The material is PVC, polyethylene, polythene, PP, plastic steel ACETAL, PE, nylon, PA, etc., according to the specific food, there is a corresponding special conveyor belt, such as: the aquatic conveyor belt requires the grid to seep water, but also Anti-corrosion, easy to clean.

Commonly used are: vegetable conveyor belts, special conveyor belts for snack foods, special conveyor belts for beer, and special conveyor belts for seafood and aquatic products. Different materials can be selected according to different foods.