Method of using a bonded dragon belt

- Jun 12, 2019-

I have previously introduced to you how to tighten the dragon belt in time to improve the contact with the false twister. Nowadays, the dragon belt is widely used in textile equipment and is an important transmission equipment on textile equipment. Its operation is also directly Affect the power transmission of textile equipment. Today I will introduce you to a method and point of attention using the dragon belt.

Use bonded dragon belt to save material consumption

Bonded dragon belt

Blowing suction cleaner

The CF-28 blower cleaner is a cleaning aid on the FA458 roving frame. Its main power transmission is completed by a 20- to 30-meter dragon. Because the belt has a high running speed, a long working force distance, a certain load carrying capacity, and a long-term continuous running state, the equipment often wears and breaks during operation, resulting in being unusable and scrapped. If it is discarded after it is broken, it will cause a lot of waste.

In response to this problem, we tried to use the hot-melt bonding method to bond the dragon belt and then use it repeatedly to achieve the purpose of repairing old waste, saving energy and reducing consumption.

Yellow/green base tape

The specific method is to cut the ends of the broken dragon strip into a neat end face, and cut the outer plane of one end of the dragon belt into a slope surface of about 5 cm, and the inner plane of the other end is also cut and raised to a slope surface of about 5 cm. . Note that the slope of the cut bevel must be uniform, and the two bevels are ground with fine sandpaper to clean the surface. Glue evenly on both slopes without excessive or too little glue. Then, the two diagonally facing faces are pasted together, uniformly pressed by hand to be bonded, and then placed on a hot melt bonding machine to be heated under pressure. Be careful not to skew the observing interface to ensure that it is flush. The heating time is determined depending on the situation, and it is generally heated for 4 to 6 hours.

Spinning tape for the textile industry

When using the machine, please pay attention to the bonding direction and running direction of the dragon belt. When adjusting the tightness, the principle of not slipping during operation should not be too tight or too loose. After running for a period of time, it can be adjusted according to the tension of the belt. The dragon belt processed by the above method shows that the operation is stable and reliable, the use effect is good, and the consumption cost is saved. This method is also applicable to the bonding of the spinning frame suction device and the rotor spinning machine belt.

Spinning machine belt