Method for identifying PVC conveyor belt and PU conveyor belt

- Jun 11, 2019-

There are many ways to identify PVC conveyor belts and PU conveyor belts. Today XINBEX introduces you to physical identification methods:

1. Conveyor belt elasticity

The PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, and the PU conveyor belt rebounds quickly.

2. Conveyor belt scratch resistance

The surface of the conveyor belt is marked with a nail, and the surface of the PVC conveyor belt is easy to have a dent, and the original shape is slow, and the PU conveyor belt has substantially no dents.

Green pvc conveyor belt

Three. Burning smoke method

PU burns less smoke, mainly white smoke, and occasionally smoke because of insufficient combustion. PVC burns smoke, all black smoke.

Smell the smell of burning

When the PU burns, it has a certain aroma, and the smell is small. After burning, it becomes a black viscous liquid, and the hand is sticky after being touched, and has a wire drawing. When PVC is burned, the food grade PVC conveyor belt has a large smell and is very rushed. After burning, it is turned into carbonization, which is hard and will become a powder after hand rubbing.

White PU conveyor belt