Light conveyor belts have been specially processed

- Jul 08, 2019-

The skirt conveyor belt is divided into two types: a skirtless baffle conveyor belt and a skirted baffle conveyor belt.

         The skirt conveyor belt can continuously transport all kinds of bulk materials at any inclination angle from 0-90 degrees, with large conveying inclination angle, wide application range and small floor space. It has the characteristics of no transfer point, reduced civil construction investment, low maintenance cost and large conveying capacity, and solves the conveying angle that can not be achieved by ordinary conveyor belt or pattern conveyor belt. The corrugated rib conveyor can be designed as a complete conveyor system according to requirements, avoiding the continuation of intermittent transport and complex transport.

Green PVC perforated conveyor belt

The corrugated rib conveyor belt transports a wide range of bulk materials in horizontal, inclined, vertical and variable angles, from coal, ore, sand to fertilizers and grain.

         The material size is not limited, ranging from a small particle size to a large particle size of 400 mm, and the delivery amount can be from 1 cubic meter / hour to 6000 cubic meters / hour.

         Baffle conveyor belt features:

         1. The baffle conveyor belt is suitable for conveying powdery, granular, small block, paste and liquid materials that are easy to be scattered;

         2. The baffle conveyor belt has a large conveying capacity and a higher lifting height;

White perforated conveyor belt

3. The baffle conveyor belt can smoothly transition from horizontal to inclined (or vertical);

         4. The baffle conveyor belt has low energy consumption, simple structure, high tape strength and long service life.

         5. The baffle conveyor belt increases the conveying angle (30~90 degrees);

         6. The baffle conveyor belt has a small footprint and low investment;

         Conveyor belt punching features:

         Conveyor belt punching, generally according to the needs of the industry, will only punch the conveyor belt, and the perforated conveyor belt will not transport powder products, specifically to deliver finished products or semi-finished products that need to be ventilated.

Perforated conveyor belt