Lifting conveyor model

- Jun 27, 2019-

Lifting conveyor model

         The hoist is also called the climbing machine. It mainly transports the low-level material to the high. The conveyor belt used by it also has certain requirements. Firstly, when selecting the conveyor belt of the hoist, the angle of the conveying should be considered, according to the angle. Select the type of conveyor belt, a small angle can choose the climbing belt with pattern, if the angle is large, you need to choose the conveyor belt with the baffle, and the diameter of the roller determines the thickness of the conveyor belt. The above factors can be selected to the appropriate transportation. band.

Hoist - skirt baffle conveyor belt

There are many types of hoist models to choose from according to the parameters of the equipment. You can contact us for online customer service consultation, or you can click on the picture to view the XINBEX hoist conveyor belt.

Green skirt conveyor belt