Is the pvc conveyor belt resistant to phosphoric acid?

- Jul 09, 2019-

The acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts are generally processed with rubber material, and the surface is mixed with acid and alkali resistant materials. It is suitable for working environment in contact with acid and alkali, such as phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, sea salt, and EP canvas for skeleton materials. With acid and alkali resistance is more reliable.

Acid and alkali conveyor belt introduction:

       The acid-alkali conveyor belt surface covering rubber is blended with rubber and plastic and filled with an inert material with excellent acid and alkali resistance, which is superior to the neoprene acid-base conveyor belt.

6mm green PVC

Pvc conveyor belt

        The raw material of the pvc conveyor belt is poly-recorded ethylene, and the poly-recorded ethylene has no specially processed rubber conveyor belt in terms of acid and alkali resistance. Generally, the concentration can be controlled between 10% and 30% when transporting phosphoric acid. There is no problem in transporting PVC conveyor belts.