Introduction to the material and function of the timing belt

- May 05, 2019-

With the rapid development of industrial automation, some industrialized automatic production has great requirements and specifications for the precision and accuracy of mechanical transmission, and this requires the use of a non-standard component, that is, the timing belt. Many people don't know much about the timing belt. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the role of the timing belt and its material.

The timing belt is a strong layer of steel wire rope or glass fiber, and is covered with an endless belt of polyurethane or neoprene. The inner circumference of the belt is toothed to mesh with the toothed belt pulley. When the belt is driven, the transmission ratio is accurate, the force on the shaft is small, the structure is compact, the oil resistance, the wear resistance is good, and the anti-aging performance is good. The general use temperature is -20°C-80°C, v<50m/s, P<300kw. , i < 10, for transmissions requiring synchronization can also be used for low speed transmission.


Timing belt material:

1, rubber timing belt material / material: high-quality synthetic neoprene + skeleton material for imported high-quality glass fiber rope + toothed surface with nylon 66 high elastic cloth + with a variety of different uses of accessories;

2, polyurethane timing belt material / material: polyurethane belt back + wire rope (or polyester rope) tensile layer + polyurethane with teeth

    The above is the introduction of the material of the timing belt produced by our company and the role of the timing belt. I hope that it can help everyone. Of course, if you still don't know much about the timing belt, please consult XINBEX.