Introduction of the division of PVK conveyor belts in different transportation processes in the field of logistics

- Apr 16, 2019-

First of all, I will introduce the PVK conveyor belt. The PVK conveyor belt is a conveyor belt made of cotton fabric with PVK coating on the surface. It is mainly used in the field of logistics. Compared with PVC conveyor belts, it has high wear resistance and cutting resistance, and its service life is 1-2 times longer. It is currently used in the logistics industry (sorting system). In complex cargo delivery systems with automatic sorters, smooth and smooth transport during transport is ensured.

The PVK conveyor belt is suitable for baggage transportation such as Pudong Airport, Shentong Express Sorting Center, and E-commerce Operation Sorting Center.

According to different sections, XINBEX will have different conveyor belt recommendations, as follows:


The first section, such as the discharging stage, is divided into a telescopic belt, a sorting belt, a belt feeding line, and a roller feeding line.

The second section is a sequence of merged and dispersed, classified parallel confluence conveyor belt, multi-directional confluence conveyor belt, impact loading conveyor belt

The third section is a stacking line, generally a stacking conveyor belt, a roller stacking conveyor belt

The fourth section is to adjust the object placement, flow control line, generally with a split conveyor belt, with a split bottom belt, and a roller conveyor belt

The fifth section is the spread sorter, the feed conveyor belt and the acceleration conveyor belt.


The sixth section is general conveying, belt conveyor belt and roller conveyor line

The seventh section is a downhill line with a downhill line, divided into less than 15 degrees, and between 15 degrees and 25 degrees, and a climbing conveyor belt greater than 25 degrees.

The eighth section is a turning machine belt, the turning machine belt can also be specially processed, the edge banding machine belt or the annual rail conveyor belt

The ninth section is the identification line, scanning conveyor belt and labeling conveyor belt

The tenth section is induction line, mainly index conveyor belt, metering acceleration conveyor belt, feeding straight conveyor belt, guiding unit multi-wire and single-line conveyor belt

The eleventh section is a sorting belt with a push-type sorter belt and a pop-up sorter belt

The twelfth section is the discharge belt and the final discharge belt, the belt conveyor discharge belt, the deceleration conveyor belt, and the telescopic conveyor belt.

The thickness of the logistics conveyor belt is 2.7 thick conveyor belt, 3.6 thick conveyor belt, 4.2 thick conveyor belt, 5.2 thick conveyor belt, etc.