Introduction of the difference between the pattern conveyor belt

- May 05, 2019-

With the gradual popularization of industrial belts, the types of industrial belts are also increasing, and the quality is gradually improving and perfecting. Today, we are talking about the pattern conveyor belt. At present, the design technology of the domestic pattern conveyor belt is becoming more and more exquisite, and it is also the driving force for continuous innovation in the field of mechanical conveyor belt.

The varieties of the pattern conveyor belt are also complex and diverse. Among them, the use of herringbone conveyor belt, strip pattern conveyor belt, grain pattern conveyor belt and fan-shaped belt conveyor belt is quite common. Of course, these kinds of pattern conveyor belts also have some differences, the following XINBEX gives We introduce the characteristics and uses of these kinds of pattern conveyor belts:


1. The characteristics of the chevron pattern conveyor belt: the “human” pattern on the belt surface is higher than the belt body. The pattern can be either open or closed. Each pattern can be divided into high, medium and low. Three kinds. It is suitable for the transportation of powder, granules and small pieces of material with an inclination of ≤40 degrees, and can also transport bagged materials.

2. The characteristics of the strip pattern conveyor belt: the strip pattern on the belt surface is higher than the strip body. The pattern is divided into three types: high, medium and low. Each pattern can be divided into sparse and dense forms according to the arrangement pitch. Suitable for horizontal transport packaging of ≤ 30 degree inclination. If it is in the case of a groove, it can replace the chevron pattern.


3, the characteristics of the granular, pitting pattern conveyor belt: the strip surface has a granular pattern with a body or concave embedded in the belt surface, and the pit can also be made into a square hole shape or a prismatic shape and a cloth pattern shape. The use of the convex grain pattern is suitable for flexible packaging or material handling (such as cardboard boxes) that requires grip or no sliding conveyance. The pit-shaped grain pattern is suitable for the transport of granules with an inclination of ≤ 45 degrees.

4, the characteristics of the fan-shaped conveyor belt: the surface has a semi-fan (or 1/4 round) pattern. When the tape is grooved, the pattern is disturbed into a fan shape (or semi-circular shape) and a high pattern. It is suitable for conveying powder, granules and block materials with a large inclination of ≤60 degrees.

Variety of pattern conveyor belt: According to different coverage properties, it is divided into ordinary, oil resistant, acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant and so on.


Form: fishbone pattern, U-shaped pattern, herringbone pattern, cylindrical pattern, etc.

Bandwidth: 300mm-2200mm

Pattern height: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 (mm).

Pattern spacing: 125, 200, 250, 330, 400, 500 (mm).

Features: The inclination angle is 0-45o to prevent material from falling and improve conveying capacity.