Introduction of the base tape?

- Apr 28, 2019-

The base tape belongs to a flat high-speed transmission belt, and usually has a nylon base layer in the middle of the base tape, and the surface is covered with rubber, cowhide and fiber cloth;

Divided into rubber nylon base tape and leather nylon base tape. The tape thickness is usually in the range of 0.8-6 mm. Material structure of nylon base tape

The new unique, compared to the traditional canvas drive belt and V-belt has: strong pulling force, resistance to flexing, high efficiency, low noise, fatigue resistance,

Good wear resistance and long service life. Product use: suitable for compact transmission mechanism, high line speed and high speed ratio

occasion. Such as: cigarettes, hoods, paper, printing, textile machinery, HVAC equipment, metal equipment, vending equipment and military

And other industries. It is also used in the electronics industry for substrate lines, SMT equipment, and board transportation.