Introduction and characteristics of multi-ditch belt

- Jul 08, 2019-

Many people don't understand what is a multi-ditch belt, and even hear the word for the first time. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you what is a multi-ditch belt. Multi-ditch belts (multiple belts, multi-ribbed belts) actually mean The flat belt is a base body, and the inner surface is arranged with an annular rubber transmission belt with an equidistant longitudinal 40° trapezoidal wedge, and the working surface is a side surface of the wedge.

The advantages of the multi-ditch belt are:

1. The contact area and friction between the multi-ditch belt and the pulley are large, and the distribution of the load along the bandwidth is relatively uniform, so the transmission capacity is larger;

Black multi-groove

2. Because the belt body is thin, light, flexible and reasonable in structure, the working surface is small and can work on a smaller pulley;

3. The multi-ditch belt also has the characteristics of small transmission vibration, fast heat dissipation, stable operation, small use elongation, large transmission ratio and high limit line speed, so the service life is longer;

4. The energy saving effect is obvious and the transmission efficiency is high;

5, the drive is compact, occupying a small space.

Back of multi-groove

In addition, the back of the multi-ditch belt can also be driven, and an automatic tension adjuster can be used to make the transmission safer and more reliable. The multi-ditch belt is especially suitable for high-speed transmissions with compact structure and high transmission power.

The main features of the multi-ditch belt are as follows:

1. The transmission power is large, and the transmission power of the ordinary V belt is 30% higher when the space is the same.

2. The transmission system is compact in structure. Under the same transmission power, the space occupied by the transmission device is 25% smaller than that of the ordinary V-belt.


3, the belt is thin, rich in flexibility, adapt to the drive with small diameter of the pulley, also adapt to high-speed transmission, the belt speed can reach 40m / s; vibration is small, less heat, stable operation.

4, heat, oil, wear, use small elongation, long life.

Multi-ditch belt, also known as multi-ribbed belt, multi-slot belt, is mainly used for transmission with power equipment such as engine and motor. Currently available on the market are: PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM