Installation and Replacement Method of PVC Conveyor Belt

- Aug 10, 2017-

PVC conveyor belt in the course of the encounter will be installed or replaced, then how should we install the conveyor belt? Whether it is to replace the industrial belt, or in the new transmission device to re-install the industrial conveyor belt, Xiao Bian proposed by the following methods.

1, PVC conveyor with the correct installation method to improve work safety, installation skills, in the conveyor belt winding core wear flexible shaft, and the belt with a good, before the shelves before the next, under the direction of plastic Do not stand against

2, PVC conveyor belt in the conveyor belt will be put on the new position, with a fixture will be fixed at one end of the tape, and then with the roller and the pulley connected to the rope, through the traction device to the conveyor belt to the conveyor belt , When traction, to prevent the conveyor belt and rack extrusion.

3, if it is to replace the conveyor belt, the new belt can be connected with the old belt, unloading and installation of the new conveyor belt at the same time, save time and improve work efficiency. For the horizontal operation of the conveyor, at any point cut off the old conveyor, tilt the direction of operation of the conveyor, you need to choose a good cut off point, to prevent slippage due to self-control out of control.