Industrial belt manufacturing standards in China

- Jun 20, 2019-

In China, there are many types of industrial belts, and many people are prone to confusion or purchase errors in the belt, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Today, I will introduce you to the manufacturing standards and general uses of some industrial belts. I hope that it will help you choose the belt.

    10715-2002 Transmission belts, V-ribbed belts, joint V-belts and single V-belts including wide V-belts and hexagonal belts - Conductivity of electrical conductors: requirements and test methods

    GB/T 10412-2002 ordinary and narrow V pulley (reference width system)

GB/T 10413-2002 narrow V pulley (effective width system

GB/T 13487-2002 General transmission timing belt

GB/T 10414.2-2002 belt drive timing belt drive car timing belt pulley

GB/T 18860-2002 Motorcycle shifting V belt

GB/T 18183-2000 Automotive Synchronous Belt Fatigue Test Method

GB/T 12730-2002 generally used narrow V belt

GB/T 10716-2000 Test method for physical properties of automobile timing belt

GB/T 1358-1999 Belt drive Flat belt and pulleys Dimensions and tolerances

GB/T 14562-1999 V-belt fatigue test method

Blue foam conveyor belt

GB 12731-1991 flame retardant V belt

GB 12732-1996 car V belt

GB 13552-1998 Automobile V-ribbed belt

GB/T 10412-1989 ordinary V pulley

GB/T 10413-1989 narrow V pulley

GB/T 10821-1993 V belt size for agricultural machinery

GB/T 11063-1989 Polyamide base flat belt

GB/T 11355-1989 V belt drive Rated power calculation

GB/T 11356.1-1997 belt drive belt pulley for normal and narrow V belt drive (base width system)

GB/T 11356.2-1997 Belt drive Pulley for normal and narrow V-belt drive (effective width system) Groove inspection

GB/T 11357-1989 Material, surface roughness and balance of pulley

GB/T 11358-1999 Belt drive Flat belts and pulleys Dimensions and tolerances

GB/T 11362-1989 Timing belt drive Rated power and transmission center distance calculation

GB/T 11544-1997 ordinary V-belt and narrow V-belt size

Foam conveyor belt plus guide strip

GB/T 11545-1996 Automotive V-belt fatigue test method

GB/T 11616-1989 Timing belt size

GB/T 1171-1996 General use ordinary V belt

GB/T 11361-1989 Timing belt drive Pulley

GB/T 12730-1991 narrow V belt

GB/T 12733-1994 industrial variable speed V-belt size

GB/T 12734-1991 car timing belt size

GB/T 12735-1991 V-belt fatigue test method for agricultural machinery

GB/T 13352-1996 car V belt size

GB/T 13405-1992 Automobile V pulley

GB/T 13487-1992 General transmission timing belt

GB/T 13490-1992V Band uniformity specification and test method Center distance variation method

GB/T 13575.1-1992 belt drive - ordinary V belt drive

GB/T 13575.2-1992 belt drive - narrow V belt drive

Blue foam ring conveyor belt

GB/T 14562-1999 V-belt fatigue test method

GB/T 14829-1993 Variable speed (half width) V belt for agricultural machinery

GB/T 15327-1994 industrial variable speed wide V belt and its size

GB/T 15328-1994 Common V-belt fatigue test method (no torque method)

GB/T 15828-1995 V-belt and V-ribbed belt drive dynamic determination of the position of the pitch line

GB/T 16588-1996 V-ribbed belt and pulley size for industrial use (PH, PJ, PK, PL and PM type)

GB/T 17516.1-1998V belt and multi-ribbed belt drive - Dynamic test method for measuring the position of a section - Part 1

GB/T 17516.2-1998V belt and multi-ribbed belt drive - Dynamic test method for measuring the position of the section - Part 2

GB/T 3686-1998 V-belt tensile strength and elongation test method

GB/T 3687-1989 V-belt method for determination of interlayer adhesion strength

GB/T 3688-1998 V-belt rope bonding strength test method

GB/T 4489-1984 width and length of flat drive belt

GB/T 524-1989 ordinary flat belt

GB/T 525-1965 Test method for physical and mechanical properties of flat tape

Blue foam conveyor belt and guide bar

GB/T 6760-1986 flat belt adhesive strength determination method

GB/T 6761-1986 Flat belt full thickness tensile strength and elongation determination method

GB/T 6931.1-1986 belt drive basic terminology

GB/T 6931.2-1986 V belt drive terminology

GB/T 6931.3-1986 Synchronous belt drive terminology

GB 10414-1989 Automobile timing belt drive Pulley

GB 11361-1989 Timing belt drive Pulley NEQ ISO 5294:1979

GB 11362-1989 Timing belt drive Calculation of rated power and transmission center distance NEQ ISO 5295:1981

JB/T 7512.1-1994 arc tooth timing belt drive belt

JB/T 7512.2-1994 arc tooth synchronous belt drive pulley arc tooth synchronous belt drive design method

GB/T 11616-1989 timing belt size

GB/T 12734-1991 Automotive Timing Belt Size Flat Belt Drive Standard