How to use the dragon belt and pay attention to it

- Jul 17, 2019-

Before, I also briefly introduced the dragon belt. Nowadays, the dragon belt is widely used in textile equipment. It is an important transmission equipment on textile equipment. The operation of the dragon belt directly affects the power transmission of textile equipment. Today Xiaobian will introduce you to a method and points of attention to use the dragon belt.

Tightening the belt in time to improve contact with the false twister

Dragon belt

In the use of the dragon belt, always pay attention to its operating position, if it is not normal, it should be adjusted immediately. The guide belt of the dragon belt guides the operation of the belt, ensures the straightness of the belt running, and simultaneously tightens the belt to ensure the contact state between the belt and the drive shaft of the false twister.

However, when the equipment is running for a period of time, the tension between the belt and the drive shaft of the false twister changes due to the creep of the belt, which eventually causes the torque transmitted from the belt to the false twister to occur. The change makes the false twister slower and affects the DTY quality. Therefore, the speed of the friction plate of the false twister must be tested frequently. If the problem is found, the belt is tensioned in time. At the control end, the rotating belt wheel is used to drive the belt tensioning device to move back along the sliding rail to tension the belt. To achieve the purpose of improving the contact state of the dragon belt and the false twister.

Yellow green dragon belt

The temperature and humidity of the dragon belt should be kept stable; if it is not up to standard, the dragon belt should be stored in the place of use for 1-2 days before use. The dragon belt is chemically resistant, but it is not resistant to corrosion by concentrated acid, phenol or alcohol solvents. During the repair process of the texturing machine, the surface of the dragon belt is often contaminated. Therefore, after repairing, the dragon belt should be wiped with soapy water or detergent (petroleum ether, alcohol). It is strictly forbidden to wash the dragon belt with aromatic compound.

Blue dragon belt

After the machine seeps out the lubricating oil and stains the dragon belt, it should stop in time to wipe off the belt surface and the belt surface, otherwise the transmission speed will be reduced due to the slip. Under normal circumstances, the dragon belt should be wiped once a week for 1 to 3 months. The belt is partially degummed and delaminated due to long-term use, flexural fatigue or mechanical failure. Once found, it should be repaired immediately, otherwise the whole belt will be damaged prematurely. The tension device must not have too much contamination. If there is contamination, the tensioning device will not provide the full tension, resulting in a corresponding decrease in the speed of the false twisting disc. Therefore, the tension device must be cleaned during maintenance.

Yellow-green base tape