How to repair the partial bad of the conveyor belt?

- Jul 23, 2019-

Due to the harsh conditions of use, the conveyor belt is likely to suffer some damage, in order not to expand the damage to maximize the use, and to repair some damage to the conveyor belt.

Repair of canvas core conveyor belt

Repair method According to the damaged condition, select the corresponding repair method according to the following table:

Damage condition

level of damage

Repair method

Cover rubber damage

Damage only in the cover rubber, no damage to the strip

No need to mend

The cover rubber is damaged and hurts the strip

Cold press vulcanization

Belt damage

The damage point of the strip is less than 1/2 of the number of layers

Cold press vulcanization

The blank damage point is greater than 1/2 of the number of belt layers

Vulcanized board repair

Strip damage range over 1/3 bandwidth

Remove the damaged part and re-feed

Joint damage

Only damage the cover rubber

Cold press vulcanization

Damage to the strip

Remove the damaged part and re-feed

Vertical crack

Short crack

Vulcanized board repair

Long crack

Add new belt reconnect

Repair material

(1) Vulcanized board repair: cover rubber, adhesive, canvas reinforcement layer (the same canvas as the main belt).

(2) Cold pressing vulcanization repair: cover rubber, filling glue, buffer rubber, adhesive.

(3) Repair of cover rubber damage

Canvas core conveyor belt

Repair steps: (1) remove the damaged cover rubber; (2) treat the moisture in the repaired part; (3) polish the part to be repaired; (4) apply the adhesive to the repaired area and allow it to dry; 5) Put the buffer rubber; (6) Put the filling glue (when cold pressing vulcanization); (7) Place the top cover rubber; (8) If the cold pressed vulcanized conveyor belt can be used after 4 hours; (9) Repair the vulcanized board; (10) Polish the surface of the repaired area and complete the repair.