How to make the conveyor belt perfect match with the conveyor

- Apr 29, 2019-

1. The conveyor belt should have sufficient tensile strength and modulus of elasticity to achieve the transmission power required to transport the material within the required distance and the elongation at which the minimum loading would be allowed under load.

       2. The conveyor belt should have good load support and sufficient width to meet the type and volume required for transporting materials.

       3. The conveyor belt should be flexible in order to bend around the drum in the length direction, and if desired, it is desirable to form a trough in the transverse direction.

       4. The conveyor belt should have dimensional stability to make the conveyor belt run smoothly.

       5. The covering rubber of the conveyor belt bearing surface should withstand the load impact of the carrying object and can help to restore the elasticity. When the transmission is carried out, the covering glue can have sufficient friction with the drum.


       6. Good adhesion between the components to avoid delamination.

       7, good tear resistance, damage resistance.

       8, can be connected into a ring.

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