How to maintain the belt conveyor every day?

- May 06, 2019-


First, the maintenance of the belt conveyor

1. Check if the transmission motor and reducer are abnormal every day;

2. Check the belt for looseness every day and adjust it in time;

3. Check whether the conveyor belt is stretched every month and adjust it in time;

4. Check whether the drum rotation is flexible and repair in time;

5. Check the fit of the drive sprocket and the chain every month, adjust it in time, and add lubricant to the chain;

6. Use the air gun to blow off the dust inside the control box every month to prevent malfunction;

7. After the first time the gear unit is used for 100 hours, the internal gear oil should be replaced. After replacing the new oil, replace it every 2,500 hours.

8. Make a major maintenance every year and check the damage of the parts.