How to improve the productivity of the assembly line

- May 20, 2019-

Many people don't know how to use one assembly line into multiple assembly lines to maximize the practicality of the assembly line. Today XINBEX will explain how to improve the productivity of the assembly line.

The main steps to improve the productivity of the assembly line are as follows:

1. Identify existing problems and find ways to solve existing problems.


2. Improve the organization of the improvement process. In order to improve the process, it is necessary to set up a special group, or rely on the staff or rely on the quality management team to carry out in various institutions.

3, to carry out the cause of the experiment. Make full use of technology and experience, brainstorm ideas, determine the order of analysis, and conduct statistical and technical research. Develop an experimental plan and conduct experiments as needed.


4. Formulate improvement plans. Carry out revisions of the standard category.

5. Operate according to the new standard.

6. Confirm the improvement results.

7. List the reasons.

8. Develop an improvement plan. Decide on implementation matters, responsible person, schedule, etc.