How to deal with the problem of the conveyor belt?

- Jun 12, 2019-

Partition conveyor belt

The problem of conveyor belt drop can be solved by adding a skirt to the conveyor belt (skirt conveyor belt).

The skirt conveyor belt is divided into two types: a skirt without a partition belt and a belt with a skirt. Can make all kinds of bulk materials as 0-90 degrees

The inclination angle is continuously conveyed, the conveying inclination angle is large, the use range is wide, and the floor space is small. No transfer points, reduced civil construction investment, low maintenance costs,

The large conveying capacity and other characteristics solve the conveying angle that can not be achieved by the ordinary conveyor belt or the pattern conveyor belt. Corrugated rib conveyor belts are available upon request

Designed as a complete conveyor system, it avoids the need for intermittent conveyors and complex conveyor lifting systems.

Skirt conveyor belt (corrugated rib conveyor belt), mainly consists of the following three parts: High strength and high wear-resistant base belt with greater lateral

Stiffness and longitudinal flexibility. 2. High strength heat vulcanized rubber corrugated ribs. 3. A transverse partition that prevents objects from sliding down. Bottom of the rib and partition

The base and the base belt are heat vulcanized into one body, and the height of the ribs and the partitions can reach 40-630mm, and a canvas is added in the rib to strengthen the rib tear resistance.


With the development of domestic industry, the food, tobacco, medicine, agriculture, electronics and other industries have gradually applied lightweight skirt conveyor belts, lightweight skirt belts.

It is made of high-frequency welding of thermoplastic elastomers such as PVC and PU. It is flexible in processing and light in application.