How to connect the conveyor belt without a joint?

- Jul 29, 2019-

Conveyor belts are butt joints, usually hot vulcanized joints.

Hot vulcanized joint process:

1. Surface treatment: The conveyor belt joint is made into a beveled step type 捂 joint according to the length of the 1/2 bandwidth, and then the surface of the joint is roughened, and washed, decontaminated and dried with a cleaning agent.

2, coating the glue: evenly apply the vulcanized glue on the surface of the joint and the vulcanized film one or two times, until the solution is volatilized until the rubber surface is basically dry, and then the vulcanized film is attached to the surface of the joint coated with the vulcanized glue, in the same cloth A buffer strip is placed at the gap of the layer (note that if the glue does not dry out, bubbles will be generated, resulting in a decrease in the kneading performance).

3. Bonding pressurization: After the solvent of the glue is volatilized until the rubber surface is basically dry, the two ends are attached. When affixing, it is attached to the two sides from the middle of the conveyor belt (to facilitate the escape of air from both sides), and the degree of looseness on both sides of the film is uniform, the joints are aligned and the center line is aligned. After laminating, fully roll to prevent accumulation of air bubbles, and apply pressure to the two heating plates at the joints and under the joints. When pressurizing, be careful not to displace the joint and the pressure should be uniform.

4. Heating and vulcanization: Install the vulcanization device. Warming and pressurizing. When the heating plate is heated for 15-25 minutes, the pressing is pressed once to ensure that the joint is under sufficient pressure. When the temperature reaches 80 ° C, the pressure is required to reach 1.0-2.0 MPa, then the pressurization is stopped and the heating is continued. When the temperature rises to 145 °C, the temperature starts at 145 °C to 150 °C. After 45 nails, the heating is stopped immediately, and it is naturally cooled to normal temperature.

5, trimming. After the joint is restored to normal temperature, the heating plate is removed, and the residual glue and the rubber above the surface are scraped off, so that the surface of the joint is smooth, smooth and clean.

Conveyor belt butt joint