How to bond PVC conveyor belt?

- May 16, 2019-

Conveyor belts are now an indispensable part of industrial automation production, and conveyor belts must be bonded into a ring, so how do PVC light conveyor belts be bonded, and what are the bonding methods? Is all the light conveyor belts bonded in the same way? Is there any difference between the bonding method of the light conveyor belt and the heavy conveyor belt? Today, I will tell you about the bonding method of the light conveyor belt.


When the factory cuts the PVC green conveyor belt, it is necessary to bond the two ends of the conveyor belt before making the endless conveyor belt, so as to achieve a flat endless conveyor belt.

     1, before the bonding teeth

     The PVC conveyor belt below 3mm is made into a single tooth, and the double tooth is more than 3mm.

     2, bonding vulcanization


The toothed conveyor belt is connected with the hot air guns on both sides of the belt and placed in the vulcanizer. The thickness and length of each vulcanizing machine are different, and the selected vulcanizers are also different. Among them, water-cooling vulcanizer (cooled in half an hour, cooled for 3-5 minutes), air-cooled vulcanizing machine (5 minutes) Connected, 5 minutes cooling), high frequency connector (30 seconds connected, 30 seconds cooling).

     After the toothed PVC conveyor belt is treated with a vulcanizing machine, it is a complete endless conveyor belt. If it is broken during production, it needs to be bonded, and it depends on the situation. Which vulcanizing machine is used.