How to avoid the conveyor belt temperature is too high

- Aug 10, 2017-

The continuous use of conveyor belts for industrial production in continuous contact with the rollers and the continuous process will produce high temperatures. This longer duration of the temperature will lead to problems with the performance of the conveyor belt, the temperature of the conveyor belt joints can have the highest limit, generally not more than the normal maximum. Of course, different conveyor belts can accept the maximum temperature is not the same, the environment is also different, the conveyor belt in the open space, its direct sunlight will also heat up, and then in this scenario, the conveyor belt surface heat dissipation The closed workshop will be faster. Even if the highest temperature is not reached, the long-term use of the conveyor will have an adverse effect.

As described above, it is not possible to reach the maximum prescribed temperature even if it is not reached. The rated temperature of the rubber conveyor is determined by both the rubber vulcanizing agent and the added accelerator. Most of the roller manufacturers in order to ensure the production of the product has a high safety, usually the use of the conveyor belt vulcanization component of the temperature set higher. So that when there is extreme temperature, the delivery will not be vulnerable, you can withstand a long time heat, to maintain the normal state.

Of course, the processing of conveying the process must also be improved, the vulcanizing agent material is on the one hand, the process of processing the roller can not be underestimated. In the process of adding the process to join the point of time to extend the curing time measures can be easily guaranteed to achieve a higher level. For the protection of the performance of the conveyor, it is recommended to use the roller as far as possible at room temperature or slightly lower temperature industrial base.