How to adjust the deviation of the conveyor belt in the middle of the conveyor?

- Jul 03, 2019-

Belt conveyor running belt deviation is the most common problem. In order to deal with such problems, pay attention to the dimensional accuracy of the device and the daily

Belt Conveyor - Provides maintenance support. There are many reasons for deviation, and it needs to be treated differently according to different reasons:

1. Adjust the carrying roller set. The belt of the belt line can adjust the position of the roller set when the entire belt conveyor is deflected in the middle of the belt conveyor.

Adjust the deviation; at the time of manufacture, the hole on both sides of the roller set is processed to grow the hole to stop the adjustment. The detailed method is the belt tendency

Which side, which side of the roller set moves forward toward the belt travel direction, or the other side moves backward. The belt is biased upwards and the roller is turned

The lower position of the group should be moved to the left, and the upper position of the roller group should be moved to the right.

2. Adjustment of the tension. The adjustment of the belt tension is a very important part of the belt conveyor adjustment. Heavy hammer

The two redirecting rollers on the upper part of the tensioning section should be perpendicular to the vertical line of gravity in addition to the longitudinal direction of the belt, that is, the shaft is guaranteed.

The extent of the center line. When using screw tension or hydraulic cylinder tensioning, the two bearing seats of the tensioning drum should be translated at the same time to ensure

The axis of the drum is perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt. The detailed adjustment of the belt deviation is similar to the adjustment at the drum.

3, the two-way operation of the belt conveyor belt deviation adjustment is relatively more difficult than the adjustment of the one-way belt line deviation, in detail

When adjusting finely, you should adjust one direction first and then adjust the other direction. Carefully observe the direction of belt movement when adjusting

The trend of deviation tends to stop adjusting one by one. The focus should be on the adjustment of the drive roller and the redirecting roller, followed by the roller

Adjust the adjustment of the blanking point with the material. At the same time, it should be noted that the belt should be subjected to the force of the length of the belt section when the joint is vulcanized.

On average, the forces on both sides are as equal as possible when the chain is pulled.

4. The device is equipped with a roller set. The principle of the self-aligning roller set is as follows: intermediate shaft type, four-bar type type, vertical roller type, etc.

Use the obstruction or the roller to rotate in the in-plane direction or cause lateral thrust to make the belt self-intentionally reach the adjustment belt.

the goal of. It is reasonable to use this method when the total length of the belt conveyor is short or when the belt line is running in both directions. The reason is

The shorter belt feeder is easier to deflect and is not easy to adjust. The long belt conveyor is best not to use this method, due to the alignment

The use of the roller set will have a certain impact on the service life of the belt. Adjust the position of the drive roller and the reversing roller. drive

The adjustment of the drum and the reversing drum is an important part of the belt deviation adjustment.

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