How to Achieve Production Automation in Food Conveyor Belt Production Line

- Aug 10, 2017-

Food conveyor belt several products of the processing tasks necessary for the machinery and equipment, the arrangement of machinery and equipment and the layout of the workplace. Production line with greater flexibility, can adapt to the needs of multi-species production. In the product variety specifications are more complex, the number of parts more, each product output is not enough, lack of machinery and equipment enterprises, the use of production lines can achieve good economic returns. The automation of the production line of the food conveyor has the following steps:

1, first determine the timing of industrial conveyor belt: no matter what kind of products, all must be completed in the right time to manufacture.

2, the unit process: only for a product, the unit parts handling, assembly, processing and material collection.

3, the pilot: the production of food conveyor belt to see the visual time to understand the time of the device.

4, U-shaped production line: the equipment according to the order of the works counterclockwise, and one by one responsible for export and import.

5, AB control: only after the project no product, and the former project has the product of the situation before the project.

6, light: to convey the food conveyor belt production process in the product of abnormal device.