Food belt conveyor used in what industry

- Aug 10, 2017-

Belt conveyor manufacturers trust a lot of users is no stranger to all walks of life are common in this transmission equipment, this article to introduce the conveyor is the Red Star machine mine conveyor - Red Star belt conveyor.

First of all we understand what is the belt conveyor? Belt conveyor, also known as belt conveyor, is a conflict-driven machine that continuously delivers material. Mainly by the rack, conveyor belt, roller, roller, tension equipment, transmission equipment and so on. It can be material in a certain transport line, from the beginning of the feed point to the final discharge point between the composition of a material transport process. It can be carried out both scattered material delivery, but also to carry goods into the goods. In addition to the simple material delivery, but also with the industrial production process in the technical process of the requirements of the match, constitute a rhythm of the pipeline operation line.

Tape conveyor, also known as belt conveyor, conveyor belt according to the principle of conflict and movement, suitable for transport bulk density of less than 1.67 / ton / cubic meter, easy to extract the powder, granular, small pieces of low-cut materials and Bags, such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer, food and so on. Tape conveyor can be used in the ambient temperature -20 ℃ to +40 ℃ range, the material sent to the temperature is less than 60 ℃. The captain and device approach can be determined according to the user's request, the drive can be used drum, can also be used with the drive frame drive equipment.

Belt conveyors are suitable for a wide range of applications for horizontal or skew transport, and are widely used in a variety of modern industrial enterprises such as mine underground roads, mine ground transportation systems, open pit and concentrator in. According to the requirements of the delivery technology, can be a single transport, can also be composed of multiple or other transport equipment constitute a level or skew the delivery system to meet the needs of different types of job line satisfaction.

What is the principle of its homework? The belt conveyor consists of two end rollers and a closed conveyor belt on it. The roller is called the drive roller (drive roller); the other is only to change the direction of movement of the roller conveyor belt is called to change the drum. The drive drum is driven by the motor through the gear unit, and the conveyor belt is dragged by the collision force between the drive roller and the conveyor belt. Driving rollers are generally mounted on the discharge side to increase traction and facilitate dragging. The material is fed by the feed end and falls on the rolling conveyor belt, and is conveyed to the unloading end by means of the conveyor belt.