Don’t be fooled when buying a PU conveyor belt

- Jun 29, 2019-

With the diversification of materials for transportation, the requirements for conveyor belts are getting higher and higher, wear-resistant, non-slip, climbing, food-grade and so on. The PU conveyor belt meets the above requirements, but after spending a few times more on the price of the PU conveyor belt, I found out that it is not wearable. At this time you may buy a fake PU conveyor belt. Many unscrupulous manufacturers will use ordinary PVC conveyor belts instead of PU conveyor belts, because the two conveyor belts basically have no difference in appearance. In order to avoid spending money in the future, XINBE¥ today teaches you how to distinguish the true and false of the PU conveyor belt!

White PU conveyor belt

1. Surface hardness of the conveyor belt

         Touching by hand, the PU conveyor belt will be harder than the PVC conveyor belt.

         2, the flexibility of the conveyor belt

         The PVC conveyor belt rebounds slowly after folding, and the PU conveyor belt rebounds quickly.

         3. Scratch resistance of the conveyor belt surface

         Use the east and west to draw the surface of the conveyor belt. If the surface has a concave mark and the recovery is slow, it is a PVC conveyor belt. If there is no dent on the surface, it is a PU conveyor belt.

Food grade PU conveyor belt

4. Incineration smoke method

         The smoke emitted by the PU conveyor belt is white and has less smoke; while the smoke emitted by the PVC conveyor belt is black and has a lot of smoke.

         5, smell the burning smell

         When the PU conveyor belt burns, the odor is less, and after combustion, it is a black viscous liquid; while the PVC conveyor belt burns, the odor is large, and after combustion, it is carbonized and hard.

         In fact, as long as you choose a regular manufacturer to buy, there will be no such situation of stealing the column, XINBEX professional conveyor belt manufacturer, 10 years of quality, 10 years of trust.

Ring PU conveyor belt