Development direction of conveyor belt

- Jan 14, 2020-

     In the future, conveyor belt equipment will develop toward large-scale development, expanding the scope of use, automatic sorting of materials, reducing energy consumption and reducing pollution.

    Large scale includes several aspects such as large conveying capacity, large single machine length and large conveying inclination. The length of the hydraulic conveying device has reached more than 440 kilometers. The length of the single conveyor is nearly 15 kilometers, and there have been several "belt conveyors" that connect the two places. Many countries are exploring more perfect conveyor structures for long-distance, large-volume continuous conveying of materials.

     Expanding the use of conveyors refers to the development of conveyor equipment that can work in environments with corrosive, radioactive, and flammable substances under high and low temperature conditions, as well as hot, explosive, agglomerate, and sticky materials .

     Common conveyor belts are TD75 and DTⅡ.