Conveyor belt slip factor

- Apr 25, 2019-

Slippage of conveyor belts is a common problem. Because the physical properties of conveyor belts are different, there are many reasons for the use in normal use. Then we will care about what causes the conveyor belt to slip?

Here we introduce you to the knowledge of conveyor belts and friction.

We know that when the conveyor belt is rolling normally, the speed of the belt is generally not less than 95% of the rotation speed of the roller. If the friction between the idler roller and the conveyor belt is insufficient to maintain balance, the conveyor belt will slip off the idler roller, which is called conveyor belt slip.

Some people want to ask, how the friction between the roller and the conveyor belt is so small that it is not enough to support the force. There are many factors involved.

As mentioned above, there are many factors that cause insufficient friction between the conveyor belt and the idler. These factors are mainly due to insufficient tension, some insufficient load start, and some that the friction coefficient of the roller surface is too small. For example, the roller that is often used, for a long time, the friction coefficient inside becomes larger and becomes smoother, which is also an important performance of the conveyor belt slipping.


If you are more careful about the discussion, first look at why the tension between the conveyor belt and the idler is not enough. For example, the tightness of the two is too small to form an effective combination. When working, the conveying force of the conveyor belt is too large, and the weight of the weight is too large. If the length of the conveyor belt is long, it is also a major cause. There is no other reason for the insufficient friction coefficient between the idler and the conveyor belt. For example, the surface of the roller has severe friction and wear, and the belt body is somewhat moist or has oily liquid. It is also a difficult point that these materials stick to the surface of the belt.

Summarize the above:

1. The conveyor belt itself causes the conveyor belt to be used for a long time, and the elongation causes the belt tension to be insufficient;

2, external cause A, roller foreign matter, resulting in reduced friction, B, roller wear, friction reduction


The patterned conveyor belt can effectively make the textile material slip on the surface of the conveyor belt.