Conveyor belt revolutionary comrade belt conveyor

- May 07, 2019-

Many people have a certain understanding of the conveyor belt, today XINBEX introduces a conveyor belt to the old man, belt conveyor.

      Belt conveyor, I believe everyone can see what it is doing from the name, so why is the belt conveyor a revolutionary old comrade in the conveyor belt? Let's take a look.


elt conveyor features:

      Compared with other types of conveying equipment, belt conveyor has large conveying capacity, simple structure, strong adaptability to materials, stable and reliable operation, continuous and uniform conveying materials, low transportation cost, convenient maintenance, and easy automatic control and remote control. Control and other advantages, and thus widely used in thermal power generation, coal and other industries.

      There are also many types of belt conveyors. Today, I am going to tell you about the classification of several common belt conveyors:

      First, according to the type of rubber belt

         1, ordinary belt conveyor

         2, steel cord belt conveyor

         3, special belt conveyor

      Second, according to the connection form of the conveyor frame and the foundation

         1. Fixed belt conveyor

         2, mobile belt conveyor


Third, according to the structural form of the support device

         1. Roller support conveyor

         2, flat support conveyor

         3, air cushion support conveyor

      Fourth, according to the structure of the roller groove angle and other structures

         1. Ordinary groove angle belt conveyor

         2, deep groove angle belt conveyor


Fifth, according to the number of driving rollers

         1, single drive belt conveyor

         2, double drive belt conveyor

         3, multi-drive belt conveyor