Conveyor belt models, what are the specific specifications?

- May 13, 2019-

First of all, conveyor belts are a large category. Large categories can be divided into two categories, light conveyor belts and heavy conveyor belts.

If it is a light conveyor belt, it is green, white, black, dark green, thickness 1-6mm thick, special processing

In the light type, it can be divided into functions, conveyor belts, timing belts, active belts, etc., as well as material distinction, PVC, PU, PE, silica gel, Teflon, etc.


The heavy-duty conveyor belts are basically made of rubber. The conveyor belts are made of multi-layer rubber-coated canvas or with other skeleton materials as the core, and the outer layer is covered with a rubber layer and is formed by vulcanization.

He is the main component of the belt conveyor and acts as a carrier. It is suitable for conveying block, granular, powdery materials and finished articles.

According to the structure and shape, the conveyor belt is divided into a layered fabric core conveyor belt, a corrugated rib conveyor belt, and an endless conveyor belt. According to the performance, the conveyor belt is divided into heat-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant, cold-resistant and other types.

□ Layered fabric core conveyor belt □ Corrugated rib conveyor belt □ Patterned conveyor belt □ Endless conveyor belt □ Nylon (NN) canvas conveyor belt □ Heat-resistant conveyor belt □ High-temperature conveyor belt

Cotton canvas: CC56 TC70 NN

Nylon: NN100 NN125 NN150 NN200 NN250 NN300 NN350 NN400

EP polyester: EP100 EP125 EP150 EP200 EP250 EP300 EP350 EP400

Heat resistance, high temperature resistance, burning resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, large dip angle, pattern, etc.

Width in: 300mm-1600mm width


Number of layers can be customized

Conveyor belt model B400*4(3+1.5) 400*5(3+1.5) 400*5(3+1.5)400*4(4+2)400*5(4+2)etc.

B500*3(1.5+1.5)500*3(2+1) 500*3(3+1.5)500*4(3+1.5)500*4(4+2)500*4(4.5+1.5) B500* 5(3+1.5) 500*5(4.5+1.5)500*5(4+2) 500*5(6+1.5) 500*5(6+2) 500*6(3+1.5) 500*6( 4.5+1.5)

B500*6(4+2) 500*7 500*8 500*9 500*10 etc.

B550*3(3+1.5) 550*4(3+1.5)550*4(4.5+1.5)550*4(4+2.)550*5(3+1.5) 550*5(4.5+1.5) B550 *5(4+2) 550*6(3+1.5)550*6(4.5+1.5) 550*6(4+2) 550*7 550*8 550*9 550*10 etc.

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B600*4(3+1.5)600*4(4.5+1.5)600*4(4+2)600*5(3+1.5) 600*5(4.5+1.5) B600*5(4+2)etc.