Conveyor belt conveyor belt conveyor belt custom processing

- Apr 23, 2019-

Conveyor belts are constantly being improved by the technological advancement of machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery, chemical industry and metallurgical industry. They are gradually improved from the completion of the delivery of the workshop to the completion of material handling within the enterprise, between enterprises and even between cities, becoming the mechanization of material handling systems. And an integral part of automation.



Do you know the various names of conveyor belts?

Nowadays, when people don't understand the conveyor belt, they will call conveyor belts, conveyor belts and conveyor belts.

In fact, the name in our industry is called conveyor belt.

Rubber conveyor belt and light conveyor belt are also included in the conveyor belt.

The general use of light conveyor belts covers a wide range of industries.



How much is a conveyor belt?

Conveyor belts are all calculated according to the squared price.

For example: conveyor belt with a length of 1920 (mm) * width 584 (mm)

Price calculation method: length * width * square price = actual price of a conveyor belt

Converted into meters: the total length of the conveyor belt / the actual price of the conveyor belt = the price per belt of the conveyor belt



How to customize the conveyor belt size?

You remove the conveyor belt from the existing equipment and provide the circumference and width measurements to the Mingcheng

We customize the production according to the size you provide.

If your device's conveyor belt is damaged, you cannot measure it.

You can tell us after measuring the distance between the two rollers

We calculate the length according to the spacing you provide and the diameter of the drum.


There are many ways to connect the conveyor belt: toothed, helical toothed, lapped, steel buckle joint. Choose the most suitable joint method depending on the equipment.