Causes and countermeasures of the failure of the transmission belt

- Jun 13, 2019-

Reasons why the drive belt is easy to break:

1. The material of the belt is not tough enough. It is easy to break when it is slightly scratched.----Select a material with good toughness.

2, the speed and the shift speed are faster, causing the belt to be stressed-----the speed and shift speed are adjusted properly.

3, long-term use of material aging ----- should be regularly replaced belts.

4, the belt is too long or too short / load is large ----- as often as possible to check the shutdown to be included in the inspection project.

Various drive belts

Reasons why the drive belt is easy to fall off

1. The belt is too long and the length of the two belts is different.

2. The tension of the tension spring on the tensioning wheel is not enough.

3. The belt guide wheel is not horizontal, causing the belt to be subjected to downward force.

4, long-term running belt becomes longer.

Transmission belt device

Countermeasures against drive belt failure

1. Select the appropriate belt length and the same length (size/brand).

2. If necessary, tighten the spring/adjust/replace.

3. Adjust the belt guide wheel level.

4. After the long-term operation becomes longer, the belt is cut short and reconnected.

Red timing belt