Basic parameters about the belt line

- May 27, 2019-

n the previously published article, we have unknowingly analyzed a lot of knowledge about the conveyor belt industry. I don't know if it helps everyone. If you want to know other issues, you can leave a message. We will sort it out for everyone. Today, I want to introduce you to the belt line. The belt line is the non-standard part of the belt conveyor. With the development of the social industry, the belt conveyor is the most widely used in today's industrial production, so today everyone Say the standard technical parameters of the belt line

Quasi belt conveyor

Quasi belt conveyor

Product: Standard aluminum alloy casting assembly.

Side panel: aluminum alloy 35*35 (European standard)

Head: Standard aluminum alloy castings

Pallet: galvanized sheet

Conveyor belt

Leg: 40*40 aluminum alloy square tube (European standard)

Connector: 3mm thick steel plate stampings

Base: M12 adjustment or casters

Roller: 38mm diameter aluminum alloy roller

Drive roller: diameter 60 roller

Conveyor belt machine line

Motor base: standard aluminum alloy castings

Motor: Panasonic Motor or Taiwan brand motor

Governor: Taiwan brand governor

Conveyor belt: 2mm PVC (PU) belt, green, white, black, can be customized according to product and conveyor machinery.

Can be customized according to product and conveyor machinery