Advantages and parameters of the V-belt drive

- May 10, 2019-

First, the advantages of V-belt drive are:

         1. The pulley drive can mitigate the load impact;

         2. The pulley drive runs smoothly, with low noise and low vibration;

         3. The structure of the pulley drive is simple and easy to adjust;

         4, the pulley drive for the manufacture and installation accuracy of the pulley is not as strict as the mesh drive;


5. The pulley drive has the function of overload protection; the adjustment range of the two-axis center distance of the pulley drive is large.

         Second, what are the parameters:

         1, working speed / motor speed = drive wheel diameter / driven wheel diameter * 0.98 (sliding coefficient), such as the use of steel as the material of the pulley, the required line speed is not higher than 40m / s, such as the use of cast iron materials, the required line speed is not Above 35m/s.

         2. Motor speed and pulley diameter conversion ratio, speed ratio = output speed / input speed = load pulley pitch diameter: motor pulley pitch circle diameter.


3. Outer diameter OD, pulley pitch diameter PD, PD=OD-2h, h is groove depth.

         Note: Different models of V-belt h are different, Y Z A B C D E, h=1.6 2 2.75 3.5 4.8 8.1 9.6.

         Different groove type pitch circle and outer circle conversion formula are not the same, generally we can easily measure the outer circle of the pulley, calculate the pitch circle according to the formula. SPZ: OD = PD + 4; SPA: OD = PD + 5.5; SPB: OD = PD + 7; SPC: OD = PD + 9.6.

         A or SPA pulley > 80mm; SPZ pulley > 63mm