About the introduction and advantages of the power-saving dragon belt

- May 13, 2019-

Energy conservation and environmental protection have always been the topic of public discussion. No matter in any way, it must be implemented as much as possible, and the conveyor belt industry is not far behind. As the current production costs continue to increase, this topic is getting deeper and deeper.

As we all know, in the textile industry, the saving of electricity is very important because of the need for continuous high-speed operation. With 10 years of manufacturing experience, Wuxi Mingcheng Transmission has finally researched and introduced a power-saving dragon belt according to different usage environments.

High-life energy-saving dragon belt material: nylon base


Advantages of the power-saving dragon belt:

1. The lateral stability is good and there will be no lateral tearing.

2, the perfect interface, the film base of the later generation, determines its long service life.

3. Its special surface rubber structure makes it more energy-saving than the equivalent base belt.

4, high intensity, no weakness

5, oil resistant (chemical fiber double twisting machine, the best choice for covering the yarn machine)

6, low elongation rate (K1% = 9N / mm), the tension of the belt is stable, reducing downtime.


7. Reduce the rate of weak sputum and reduce the uneven rate of dyeing.

8. Low noise (the manufacture of power-saving dragon belts enhances the freshness of the working environment and reduces the damage to the human body), because the noise is local, temporary and multi-shot. Noise not only affects hearing, but also adversely affects the human cardiovascular system, nervous system, and endocrine system. Therefore, some people call it "a chronic poison that causes death." Long-term noise can cause physical and psychological harm.