About the flat screen printing machine guide tape introduction!

- Jul 15, 2019-

Flat screen printing guide belt technical parameters:

         Surface layer material: polyurethane

         Strength layer material: polyester

         Friction layer material: polyester

         Thickness: 2.80MM

         Thickness tolerance: ±0.05MM

         Unit weight: 2.7kg/m2

         Minimum wheel diameter: 80mm

         Surface hardness: 92 (shore A)

         K1% fixed tension: 12N/MM

Flat print rewind

Intermittent temperature resistance: 90 degrees Celsius

         Applicable to: 1, rotary screen printing machine

         2, cloth clip flat screen printing machine

         3. Double-motor servo flat screen printing machine with short platen (less than 25 meters).

         The flat screen printing machine guide belt is made by extrusion calendering process, the belt has high density and high temperature resistance; the structure is dense and more resistant to corrosion; it is not easy to stratify; the molecular mobility is low and the interface is firm.

         Polyester printing guide tape is applied to: high-precision rotary screen printing, digital printing, fixture-driven flat screen printing, economical rotary screen printing.

         Aramid printing guide tape is applied to: double motor servo drive flat screen.

Aramid printing tape