A treadmill is good, running is very important

- Jun 09, 2019-

When the holiday is over, most people should go out to travel, release the pressure of work, and exercise their own belly. However, the sport is still very consistent, so many people buy treadmills, but sometimes they always feel awkward when running, which is actually the reason for running!

    The layer of plastic running on the surface is actually made of pvc material. Generally, there will be patterns. The purpose is to use bumps to increase the friction. Some people feel that the running is awkward. A large part of the reason is because the friction of the running belt is not enough. A diamond-patterned running strap is recommended.

Yellow treadmill belt

At the same time, the joints of the running belt are not good, and the impact is also great. The running belt that we generally see also has a sawtooth interface. If the good interface is smooth, the running noise is small and the experience is better!

    Now everyone knows what to pay attention to when purchasing a running belt? Here Xiaobian also wish everyone a happy holiday, weight loss, Yan value squat up!

Black treadmill belt