Conveyor Belt Toaster For Home

Conveyor Belt Toaster For Home

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Product Details

Brand new original Dongling, Jiabao, Baicui, SKG, Schneider and other bread special belts; 5 from the package.

Specifications are 173 teeth circumference 519 pitch 3mm

Applicable to:

Dongling: XBM-1028G/1208S/1028GP/1028AF/


1310S/1028/DL-400 MB-1319V

Bai Cui: PE6200/PE8500/PE8550/PE9500/PE9600


Detailed description

XINBEX has its own production plant in Xiamen. It mainly produces and sells various materials and models of V-belts, timing belts, flat belts, conveyor belts, round belts, multi-ditch belts, Teflon mesh belts and active belts. There is also a special workshop for the production of synchronous belt pulleys, advanced production technology, all kinds of synchronous pulleys, including GT toothed belt pulleys. In order to serve the public convenience, the agent has a famous factory brand industrial belt, the company operates a complete range of products, own Professional technical talents and sales teams and advanced equipment are designed to provide you with quality service. XINBEX company is responsible for importing belts of major brands and providing related technical consulting support, and in order to provide customers with overall support, we are with Japan NITTA, Japan UNITTA, Japan Samsung, Germany Obi, Switzerland Ha Brazil, Germany West Green, Italy's McGaudi, US Gates, Japan's Sakae and other major brands to carry out strategic cooperation, in the mainland and Taiwan warehouse, a large number of related belts! 


Our company solemnly promises to new and old customers: high quality, advanced technology, off-the-shelf, delivery The goods are fast, and provide ancillary services and technical advice. Service industry: Our products are widely used in food, tobacco, feed, ceramics, glass, household appliances, cargo handling, chemical industry, printing, textile printing and dyeing, building materials, heavy industry and other industries, machinery and related products OEM support. : PVC, PU, PE, SIR, canvas conveyor belt, conveying machinery, food belt, pulley scanner, printer toothed belt, micro motor drive belt wide-angle belt synchronous wheel (tooth type T10, T5, T20 AT5, AT10, AT20 , TN10 TN15, S1.016, S1.411, SL, PC1.O S1.5, S2M, S4.5M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, S14M, MXL, L, XL, XXL, H, XH, XXH , 1.5GT, 2GT, 3GT, 5GT, 8YU, 8MGT, 14MGT, 20M synchronous wheel) Timing belt (tooth type T10, T5, T20 AT5, AT10, AT20, TN10 TN15, S1.016, S1.411, SL, PC1.O S1.5, S2M, S4.5M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, S14M, MXL, L, XL, XXL, H, XH, XXH, 1.5GT, 2GT, 3GT, 5GT, 8YU, 8MGT, 14MGT, 20M timing belt) Special processing belt: add guide bar, add pu, add baffle, add red plastic, add white plastic belt, punch belt, add sponge belt, triangle belt (A, B, C, D, E , Z, AX BX, SPA, SPB, SPC, 3V, 5V, 8V, XPA, XPB, XPC, XPZ type) PU triangle belt ordinary triangle pulley (ABCDM) European standard triangular belt wheel shifting belt, multi-groove belt (multi-groove belt: PH , PJ PL PK, PM), round belt, mesh belt, Teflon, active belt (studded, snap-on), pentagonal belt, hexagonal belt, seven-corner belt welcome you to conveyor belt, transmission belt and other transmission accessories Call us or write to us. We will serve you wholeheartedly, and hope that with high quality products and excellent service, you will have more broad development prospects and win more economic benefits for you.