PVC Guide Strip 6*4 Green Antistatic

PVC Guide Strip 6*4 Green Antistatic

Supply of PVC processing belt for paper processing, green anti-static industrial belt and side guide bar
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PVC conveyor belt features:

1. PVC conveyor belt has the advantages of high strength, light weight, wear resistance, colorful and beautiful, non-toxic and tasteless, antistatic, small stretching, long service life and low resistance.

2, from the appearance can be divided into flat PVC conveyor belt and patterned PVC conveyor belt.

3, pattern PVC conveyor belt is suitable for the inclination of 0 ° ~ 45 ° bulk, bagged material transport, to prevent material decline, improve transport capacity.

The company's 680s, 800s, 1000s, 1400s and other grades of flame retardant belts, all indicators have reached the MT914-2002 [coal fabric core flame retardant conveyor belt] standard, the product has excellent flame retardant, antistatic properties, At the same time, it has the characteristics of wear resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance and high strength. It is an essential accessory product for coal belt conveyors.


The user can negotiate with the factory to determine the width, belt thickness and belt length.

With antistatic properties, it is widely used in

· Electronic product assembly conveyor belt, laminating machine conveyor belt, various assembly line conveyor belts.

· Light weight and heavy load conveyor belts in the packaging industry.

· Used in the transportation of paper products, post offices, warehouses, etc.

1. Temperature range:

For the object to be transported, the load temperature is -5 ° C ~ +100 ° C, and the short time is -15 ° C ~ +110 ° C

2. Conveyor:

Flat or roller type. Forward rotation *** small wheel diameter is 65mm, reverse *** small wheel diameter is 130mm

3. Connection method:

Thermoplastic or cold glue bonding can also be achieved with steel clasps, which must be 50% larger in diameter.


4. Professional processing:

· The surface of the belt is resistant to a variety of solvents, acids, salts and alkalis, except for high concentrations (such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid).

· Various patterns can be added to the surface of the belt. PVC leak-proof guide strips, baffles and skirts can be added.

· V-shaped guide bars and guides can be added to the bottom of the belt

· The belt can be punched.






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