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Welcome To Xiamen hee industrial belt co.,ltd Xiamen hee industrial belt co.,ltd (Brande name XINBEX) founded in 1998. A professional belt company with capacity of research and develop, manufacture and service. Owned brand XINBEX, and brings in advanced technical and equipment. XINBEX cooperation with many international brand to enrich the product categories, then to offer the best solution for client. XINBEX supply the excellent product along with ongoing innovation and service. Such

Hot Products

    • Black Foam Belt

      Black Foam Belt

      black foam belt. The timing belt body is composed of a strong layer, a toothed layer, a covering layer and a rubber layer. The strength layer is a core rope with high tensile strength, which is usually surface-treated glass fiber, polyaramid fiber or steel wire rope. This layer mainly bears the...

    • PU Timing Belt Coating Red Rubber

      PU Timing Belt Coating Red Rubber

      PU timing belt coating red rubber Synchronous toothed belt is referred to as timing belt, also known as timing belt. It is similar to the common V-belt, flat belt and other belt transmission methods, and is a flexible transmission form. The synchronous toothed belt is made of steel wire rope or...